New Kidz On The Blog Party – Part 1

16 04 2010

OK, so I don’t really have the best music blog, I’m not even listed among the top music blogs, but who cares. Any reason is a good reason to throw a party and dance to some kick ass music. So I thought about having a “launch” party next week in Expirat.

In short, here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to be playing the best of the music I wrote about on this here blog (and even the music I haven’t had the chance to talk about), along with your favorite tunes. I’m also thinking about some premieres, some tunes that I’m sure you haven’t heard of yet and that I haven’t written anything about here. And, last but not least, and certainly the best part for you, I’m going to post the entire playlist (yeah, that’s right! the whole shebang) from next Thursday’s party as a series of mixtapes for you to download throughout next Friday.

I’m thinking good music + friends + drinks + dancing = lot’s of fun. So you’d better be there!

Oh, and for those of you who can’t manage to get there or are just too lazy (you couch potatoes!) to get out of your comfy sofas, I’ll also be live blogging for the first time. I’ll let you know how things are going, what tunes I’m playing, the crazy requests that some people make, maybe even upload some pictures. It should be fun 😀

See ya there next Thursday!

In the mean time, have a listen to Shabby Rogue‘s “My Life As A Secret Agent




One response

22 04 2010

Nice!!! Nu o sa fiu acolo, dar o sa stau cu un ochi aici pe blog sa vad cum merge treaba. 😉 Si… evident astept playlistul :D:D have fun!!

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